Let the learning begin

Whenever we observe something new it forms a memory, a powerful one but with a limited life span. Remember the most basic of tasks that you have ever performed, eating by your self, crawling on the floor as a toddler, writing , reading or something more recent perhaps which doesn’t tire your memory too much like maybe learning a guitar or a any such motor skill. You will appreciate that at first your limbs were awkward while performing said tasks but after repetitions there was ease. Whether it may be simple motion related activities or the act of mentally grasping orĀ understandingĀ a concept, the act of revisiting the issue is perhaps necessary. There is always something new to look at and appreciate . This is what I felt as I went about the daily business of catering to my curiosity. I may read books and watch countless informational videos but am I retaining anything ? Well in most cases the answer is no because as the visual memory fades with time there is no recollection of the wisdom I spent valuable time to gain. So I thought, let me write a blog about all that I learn to both reinforce my learning and keep the process of horizon widening regular.