A Very Short Introduction : Philosophy

9780192854216Philosophy is a funny discipline, like the areas it covers and the questions it attempts to answer, its boundaries are very obscure. So its study of course is a difficult thing to undertake. The first book I decided to blog about in the VSI series turned out to be Philosophy : A Very Short Introduction by Edward Craig.This book is structured around a few fundamental questions that any thinking individual who is able to perceive the depth of life beyond basic material needs, shall ask of himself and the world. The author presents in a manner eloquent if occasionally obscure as to how men of repute or those written about ( thus immortalized ) have attempted to answer these questions.

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Very Short Introductions

Any self propelled quest for knowledge is always a difficult endeavor. Unlike the studies one might engage in a structured approach to knowledge, as in universities, there can be a severe lack of direction in an individual’s attempt. While the confines of a course syllabus is often what drives a desire to self educate, to ignore the benefits of scope definition, would be foolish. There is an uncountable number of things which I don’t know absolutely anything about, things which culture, media and other texts push into your face every now and again. The obvious act would be to use the Internet and get for yourself a basic understanding of the topic as you come across it. This act while noble in theory, hardly is ever practiced in a world where Wikipedia offers short excerpts of dubious information. Continue reading