A Crash Course to CrashCourse

In an effort to leave this Earth with more perceived understanding of your universe than the average person around you, you might find yourself wandering the internet for short capsules of knowledge. While reading about stuff has been the way to self educate, nothing hits home like a good audio visual experience. You end up retaining more, its interesting and if you talk about it to your fellow beings the chances of you appearing nerd-like, slightly diminish.

YouTube is teeming with the possible avenues of gaining that dose of visual wisdom but visual quality and content quality are two commodities which seem to be in constant trade-off. The popularity of things on the video streaming site is governed by videos that are fresh and entertaining so you’d find longer, more detailed content sidelined unless it caters to topics which YouTubers could rant on (which is now becoming, everything). CrashCourse is a YouTube channel which has been around since 2006. It offers you short videos on the most basic topics of documented human knowledge. While the fields are broad, the content is definitely worth a look even if you think you know all there is to know about it. Great animation and excellent quality clips/images make for a great retentive experience. While not exactly suitable for very young viewers, this could be a great starting point for teens to look at various topics and find out what captivates their interest.

The channel is a creation of Hank Green a musician, tech entrepreneur, developer of Subbable and cocreator of VidCon. He also manages various other YouTube Channels. The videos are funny and informative and really rapid with your brain being fed more information than it is likely to be on a normal non-video watching day. Yes it doesn’t compare to video lectures and there is a lot to learn about each of the areas covered, but for someone who is just looking for that small fraction of their day to be entertaining while reducing the guilt of not watching something worthwhile, this is a good option. Like everything on the internet take what you learn here with a pinch of salt.

I’d recommend starting here, in the playlists section. You get the videos more organized this way. But first check out this latest video by the channel and see if you get hooked. Its about A History of Everything so you can’t pretend to be not interested.

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