How to tell you are an Atheist : Daniel Dennett

While Christopher Hitchens was and Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss are part of the syllabus of any self educating secularist or non believer there is another name which makes nice contributions to the field. A professor from the Tufts University Daniel Dennett is a rather pleasing jovial man with the personality of Santa Claus and a comedic timing much better than most standup comedians.  While I confess having never read any of his books, this talk which I stumbled upon in my YouTube feed, makes me believe that they shall make for great reading.

The idea of the pursuit of intentional non belief and through it discrediting the beliefs of others seems pointless at times. The entire point of non belief and deviation from mainstream spirituality should perhaps be that we make God such a non issue that any discussion around him/her never comes up. In this talk this researcher on Consciousness and Philosophy talks about the denial of most people of their lack of faith. The Clergy project, an interesting exercise to find and support an anonymous group of clergymen who doubt the basic principle of their vocation is introduced and discussed. This video with its focus on the acceptance of severely modified and rationalized world views as basically atheistic, is interesting and the speaker’s delivery makes it a fun hour. The stiff upper lip of Hitchens, the continued indignation of Dawkins and the scientific crusading of Krauss is not missed at all as this eloquent and soft spoken man speaks.

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