A picture is worth a thousand words, so how many words make an Infographic ?

We have a natural affinity to pictures over the written word. Hence cave art, hieroglyphics, stone carvings on ancient tomb walls, seem to  make up most of the early history of humanity. Easier to make, easier to grasp and to visualize, pictorial representations just hold more power when it comes to data presentation. We have moved on from the Pie Charts and mundane bar graphs of  the last century to a more artistic and creative way of putting things forward. Catering to the areas of public administration, academics, marketing and public awareness, the Infographic has been serving the world for the last 400 years. Florence Nightingale , the lady with the lamp, the fabled nurse of the Crimean War, is known to have revolutionized wartime health care with her use of pie charts.

Nightingale's Pie Charts
Nightingale’s Pie Charts, they might have not been accurate in their analysis and conclusions but their use at that time was remarkable. Image Source – Wikipedia

With the advent of Flash and Web technologies, Infographics are perhaps the only information rich and educational images still popular on the internet. The website Powerful Infographics collects influential and cool samples from all across the net. They make for great viewing if nothing else. Although there are many websites and blogs that collate such data art I found this one a tad more diverse and appealing than the rest. Some of these are too long for mobile browsing and even with a scroll bar you don’t fare too well but the concepts always shine through.  You also get high quality links to the graphics.

Milk Process Infographic Source – http://prafulla.net

The Website features images in the following categories : Economy, ECO, Culture, Education, IT, Marketing, Shopping, Health and News. The site is managed by Vice Versa Design Studio who are a commercial Infographic development agency. Many of the images could make for excellent instruction materials for kids, interns and employees.  Forget posters, you are bound to find things here you’d like to print out. The site is updated pretty regularly. Most of the entries to me at least qualify equally as art as well as representation of statistical data.

A look back at 2013 : Source – http://news.insing.com

If all of this has gotten you revved up with an idea for your own piece of data art then things got easier with sites like Infogr . A Infogaphic creation platform online with a decent number of free features lets you fiddle around with charts, pictures, maps and images quite like the ones you see adorning expensive websites. Of course coming up with a new and interesting idea and the data to back it is your task but at least it allows for its presentation for those who lack the time and inclination to explore Photoshop or Illustrator. The free mode doesn’t allow you to save the image but you can share it on social media sites. The cover for this post was made on the website too.


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