If your butt loves a chair and there exists an attraction between the two beyond something purely gravitational then you definitely would also be addicted to some sort of internet enabled device. So how about learning stuff while trying to remain stationary ? Online video lectures have become more abundant than ever before, with the desperation of PhD holders globally trying to add value to their CV’s.

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MOOC’s (Massive open Online courses) are the thing of today with employees, students and even quite a few teachers enrolling for cursory courses on topics ranging from quantum physics to trends in pop music. We shall talk about these massive learning attempts later, today I focus on one of my first interactions with online learning. Academic Earth has been around since 2009, providing a collection of open course ware to the eager online student. Not only does it contain courses segregated on subject matter and university but also podcasts and course material. The website has recently been updated with a new much friendlier look. The people at Academic Earth have come up with playlists besides the usual list of subjects and university courses. These playlists combine video lectures from various series. They are like bait or trailers helping you make most of your time.

If you are unsatisfied with your school, teachers or generally have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge do visit the site. Free content is not always the best available on the topic but what is found here is generally pretty rich in knowledge and low on bull.


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