For a student of science, especially of biological science the need for two opposite genders transcends the lay expression of physical attraction into the realm of bio diversity. The coupling of chromosomes from two separate individuals leading to the product being a mixed being makes each man born on this earth unique(not considering identical twins that is, they are so unlucky in this aspect).  But there is greater inequality among these two halves of the same species which we come across after seeing past physical differences.
 In most species that we know of the distinction between sexes is determined majorly by the ability to give birth or lay an egg. The female is the carrier of said zygote whereas the male’s contribution is majorly gametes.   In the case of mammals the bearing of a child by a mother ensures the development of the well celebrated maternal bond. So the initial investment by the female of the species is generally more considerable than that of the male. I shall write on length on this inequality in another article. For today let us examine the human defined agreement between two consenting (not necessarily so) adults (again not entirely true) which is known as marriage.
Male walruses, elephant seals and other mammals too have been known to impregnate certainly more than one female in their respective life spans. They have children too as a result of their carnal adventures. Fidelity is not as much a hyped concept, if at all it is, in other creatures. For  a rational and purely so creature the loose morals of his mate may be of significance when she gets in the family way thus blocking the way for his own genetic propagation. From the female’s point of view it would seem that the occasional philandering of her male may give her more time to devote to her maternal duties. Going out for a bite reduces the male’s ever active libido perhaps providing a break to the female. Or perhaps that is a polygamist’s justification, I know not.
Genetically speaking it seems more appropriate to mate furiously with great disregard for emotional ties so that the seed spreads far and wide  with the expectation that the mother’s genes are reason enough for her to fend alone for the resultant offspring. Such a theory is greatly violated by and trampled upon by Craster from the Games of Thrones. He screws every woman in his vicinity who happen to be his wives or daughters, slices off the heads of any male babies who appear as a result of his incest and brings up the girls to serve in his harem. Why kill all the boys? True he reinforces his gene pool by his act of incest but still… Well logic finds little place in the life of the snow dwelling horn-dog and much less in the work of the perverted author who created him.
There is a belief that every second – or fourth European has in his/her blood (genes) of Genghis khan who had more than a 400 wives. So the world’s most famous Mongol has lines deep rooted in so many. Fidelity didn’t work in his advantage but not everyone can be the world’s powerful monarch who expresses his anger by getting you torn limb by limb by wild horses. The rearing of a kid is assured best I guess when the parents stick to each other.  So even though your genes may prod you towards a Casanova like life remember it’s not just an attempt to spread your seed (George R. Martin uses this expression with so much gusto), it’s also about the sex.

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