Sexual Urges

Are humans the only species which indulge in sexual activities for pleasure? Sure other creatures are of and most certainly do, derive pleasure from the mating process. We humans are perhaps the only forms to have prevented fertilization as an end product of the pleasure giving act. The active choice of using contraceptives translates into a more sophisticated act of controlled reproduction than a male mammal pulling his member out of his female companion at the height of his excitement.
If you are a rather basic minded creature (compared to humans) like a dog or a bear then hopefully it doesn’t make any difference what I say but still for the sake of discussion: the yearning to mate in a virgin beast can be attributed to nothing more than lust, heat in the loins, inexplicable attraction and primarily hormones. Surely beasts do not have discussions with their kith about how good it feels, even if they did it would further the theory of hormone driven libido. Is there a natural urge to father or mother young ones, solely due to the paternal instincts or our children just a byproduct for dumb animals of the act of sex? Do creatures actively consider reasons to mate? From the gene’s point of view the survival machine’s reasons are irrelevant as long as the choice is made to breed. If a high consciousness of the possibility of offspring resulting from mating is understood by the indulging beast, then perhaps it could start limiting its carnal activities after churning out a few young ones. This most plainly seen in humans educated in the benefits of family planning, is certainly not what our genes can want. Is that survival machine not better which reproduces with a ferocity generated purely from lust and the fornicator is quick in forgetting the pains in child rearing.
Perhaps such an organism is trumped by the fact that few of its young if any survive while that creature practicing restrain has more time and energy for child rearing.

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