tshirt_evolucionWho is the most celebrated of non believers? Who is the one man whose cold and semi nasal voice makes bishops and other men of the cloth draw out their talons? It is indeed the British( and so British is he) biologist, atheist and object of public anger or disdain: Richard Dawkins. I wrote sometime back of his book the God Delusion. You do not have to agree with this messiah of disbelief to appreciate his linguistic abilities and thought. So I went ahead and got myself the book which he wrote as a relatively young man which made him so famous.The Selfish Gene published first in the 70’s rode on the then prevalent wave of rebellion and discontent(Woodstock not that any of those folks would use paper to beyond the obvious use it had for rolling). Dawkins never propounded that our genes could be used to advocate our selfish behavior but many have interpreted his book as such. Perhaps these are the disadvantages of being publicly an atheist. An interesting if not riveting read, this book needs great dedication. I am managing to get through it chapter by chapter with many a breaks in between. My mind is arrested by the ideas he has to offer or re quotes from men of greater obscurity to me than he, and the ones that spring up from the scattered olive branches in this book. So this is the first of many posts about the book and the thoughts that it has provoked in my long stagnant mind.


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